Southeast Unity Ministries

Young Adults

Young adults in Unity generally fall into the age range of 18-35 years old. Within this range, it’s possible to set up small groups such as a student or young parent group. Ministering to this group can require flexibility and creativity, as many young adults face frequent transitions in their lives as they move through jobs, school, and more.

Upcoming Events

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Southeast Next Gen Monthly Online Hangout – 1st Sunday of the Month


The theme for 2021 is Intentional Living. Each month will focus on one of the Twelve Powers and delve into how we apply that power intentionally in our lives.

Join us HERE on Zoom

Stay tuned for information on 2021 NGU retreats!

Young Adult Ministries

Southeast Next Generation Unity (Next Gen)

SE Next Gen hosts monthly Zoom calls featuring music and discussion. Their theme this year is Intentional Living. Next Gen also hosts young adult retreats twice a year.

Y.O.U. Alumni Network

While not limited to young adults, this unofficial group is a great resource for keeping recent Y.O.U. graduates connected. With groups on Facebook, Discord, and LinkedIn, this group serves as a resource for prayer, connection, and networking. The Y.O.U. Alumni team hosts two virtual rallies annually. These events and groups are open to any person who has been a or Y.O.U. Sponsor in the past.

NGU Chapters

Want to connect with a local Next Gen/NGU group? Check out these! Want to see your group listed here? Send us an email to be added.

Campus Ministry

Coming Soon! See the resources section for information on establishing a campus ministry at a college or university near you.


Supporting Young Adults

Starting an NGU Chapter or Campus Ministry