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Welcoming System Guide

When people visit our ministries, they are assessing much more than the lesson and the music. They are getting a feel for the ministry and their level of comfort within the spiritual community. They are looking to see if they can form relationships, be spiritually fed, and make a difference.

This Welcoming System Guide serves to support you in incorporating the best standards of practice for a welcoming system. The intention of this guide is to provide an integrative, inclusive and conscious process that generates a sense of deep connection for the first-time guest and a sense that they will be supported on their spiritual journey and given opportunities to grow, to contribute and to serve in a meaningful way.

Spiritual Gifts DiscoveryJust as fingerprints are unique, so too are our soul prints, meaning each human soul has an individual mark that it leaves behind on everyone it touches. Our goal with this curriculum is to support individuals as they:
• Delve deeper into their True Self (who they have come here to be—their Being), and
• Experience their unique expression (what does “who they have come here to be” look like In Service—Doing)

This experience and process flow from the unique perspectives, passions and purpose we each hold in life.

Sacred Service Ministry Guide

Creating Sacred Service Ministry is an intentional and important element in shifting from a minister-centric to a mission-centric model of ministry. Thriving spiritual communities intentionally engage members in growing and evolving spiritually and relationally through sacred service. These thriving spiritual communities honor their members as vital, fully empowered partners in ministry. This also encourages a multigenerational community involving the millennial generation in meaningful ways (see more on page 8).

Sacred Service Ministry results from a spiritual community culture that places a high value on individual and collective spiritual development and sacred service that transforms lives within the spiritual community and beyond its “walls.” It is creating a culture of “calling” that mentors and empowers individuals to realize their unique gifts and to use these in meaningful service.

Emotional and Spiritual Maturity Development Guide

Emotional and spiritual development is important for all people in a spiritual community if the spiritual community is to be healthy and able to achieve its vision and purpose, live its core values, attract others of like mind, grow together to be the fullest expression of Unity teachings and demonstrate Spirit in its affairs.

As individuals within the spiritual community continue to develop their own emotional and spiritual maturity and connect with others in community, they are drawn to meaningful roles in support of the Unity mission: Advancing the movement of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living.

Leadership Development Guide

Leadership development is one of the cornerstones of thriving ministries. A thriving ministry needs people who have been prepared to assume leadership responsibilities for ministries, programs and outreach aimed to further the mission. It is also important for ministry leaders to take responsibility for future leadership. They need to identify, develop and nurture leadership qualities from all levels of the congregation. Only then can the growth of a ministry be assured.

This Leadership Development Guide will support you in ensuring that systems and processes are in place to develop leaders at many levels: board leaders, team/program leaders, mission-focused outreach leaders, goal implementation team leaders, credentialed leaders, staff leaders, potential future leaders, etc. Its purpose is to create mission-focused enlightened leaders who relate to the opportunities and challenges of ministry in a way that embodies Unity principles. These leaders inspire others to share their gifts and abilities in meaningful roles in the life of the ministry and in service to the community.

Future Planning 1 Guide
Future Planning 2 Guide
Both Future Planning 1 and 2 Guides serve to support you and your spiritual community in incorporating the best standards of practice for creating your own Future Plan. The intention of these guides is to provide an integrative, inclusive and conscious process that generates a sense of deep connection for your members and an exciting, motivating Plan for the future of your spiritual community. In coming together to implement the Plan, members will have opportunities to grow, contribute and serve in meaningful ways.