Southeast Unity Ministries

MEP Grants Policy

Policy & Procedures

Subject: Ministerial Education Program (MEP) Grants
Purpose: To assist ministerial students from our region to continue their studies.
Policy: Funds permitting, grants in the amount of $500 each (up to $3,000 per year) will be awarded to selected MEP students from The Southeast Region, in the Spring, prior to entering their final year of Ministerial School.

Applications are due by March 31 and the decision made by April 30 of the year the student is about the enter their final year of the Ministerial Program.


  • The student must be preparing to enter their final year of the Ministerial Program at Unity Institute
  • The student must be on the Ministerial Track
  • The student’s home church must be a financially supporting member of the Southeast Region (Alabama Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North & South Carolina, the Eastern Portion of Louisiana, Tennessee and the Bahamas)


  1. In January of each year, the Regional Office will call Unity school to find out the names of MEP students from the SE Region who will be entering their final year in the fall.
  2. The regional office will notify the Executive Committee how many MEP students are eligible for the grant.  Based on funds available, the Executive Committee will determine how many $500 grants will be awarded.
  3. The Regional Office will send copies of the application form to Unity School and ask them to post it on the student bulletin board.
  4. The Application for the grant, along with a copy of the student’s transcript from Unity Institute and a biographical letter listing extracurricular activities and future plans, are to be e-mailed to the Regional Office  (Southeast Unity Ministries, Inc., 1211 Dudley Road, Charleston, WV 25314)
  5. The Regional Office will forward the applications and attachments, to the Regional Representative and the Secretary of the Executive Committee for review and decision..
  6. The Regional Representative will inform the Regional Office of the names and addresses of students selected to receive the grants.
  7. The Regional Office will prepare the checks and stamped addressed envelopes and send to the President of the Executive Committee to mail.
  8. The President will mail the checks with an individualized letter and a copy of the Southeast Region’s most recent brochure.  A copy of the letter will also be sent to the recipient’s home church.
  9. The Regional Office will record the checks in the accounting program and scholarship database.
  10. The names of students receiving the grants will be announced in the next newsletter.

Last amendment date
April 2013
Executive Committee Secretary

Download the Application

Please complete and E-mail this application to:

Southeast Unity Ministries, Inc
1211 Dudley Road
Charleston, WV 25314