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New Life at the Town Dump

Before going off to seminary, my wife and I were blessed to have a small second home in the mountains and forests outside of Lynchburg in Amherst county. Debbie grew up in a small town in way – way – upstate New York on the St. Lawrence River. She could …

About Us

VISION STATEMENT Unity Worldwide Ministries: Southeast Region models enlightened leadership that inspires vibrant new levels of participation in the universal awakening of the Christ Spirit Within. MISSION STATEMENT The Southeast Region serves and empowers its member ministries through prayer, support, education and training. VALUES STATEMENT The Southeast Region values Unity …

Sample Lessons

These are samples of some of the curricula available through Unity Worldwide Ministries. For a complete list of what’s available, or to order, contact UWM at 816-524-7414 ext. 324, or Click or tap on the titles below to view sample pages. Children Celebrating My God-self, Book 1, 10 pages …

Executive Team

The Southeast Region’s Executive Team:          Robin Volker, Treasurer Danny Spears, Secretary     Ytonna Dyess Finnegan, Youth & Young Adult Ministries (Nursery , Children, Uniteen, Y.O.U. & Young Adult)

Unity Churches in the SE Region

Southeast Unity Ministries’ members include churches and leaders in seven Southeastern states and the Bahamas. This directory includes ministries listed by city and state and includes links to the websites of those ministries. If we need to update information for your ministry, please contact us. STATE CITY CHURCH/WEBSITE Alabama Birmingham …

Subregions in the Southeast

Three subregional groups provide additional support, including regular meetings, conferences and retreats, for spiritual centers and leaders in the Southeast Region. For more information, contact the president of each region listed below. Unity Gold Treasure Coast — President:  Rev. Jude Denning Unity of Stuart E: Website: Unity Ministers of the …